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Calm Like An F Bomb

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April Snacks Bring May Larger Slacks rolls on with revealing the results for round 3 of the "Obese 16". We're down to the Final Four. Get those votes in NOW! We also discuss the 2014 Eisner nominees with Tommy Lutz. Bus jousting, infuriating F Bombs, and more Titanfall goodness. Grab a chair and take a listen.

Fast Food World Tour 2

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The Fast Food World Tour is back. Fast Food World Tour 2! Camacho participates on the show remotely, live from the local McDonald's. The shocking results of the first round of the #obese16 are revealed. A Captain America Winter Soldier review and some very BOLD and brash statements are made by Well Watcher B regarding Titanfall. It all culminates with the Greatest Food Ideas Since The Bread Loaf Was Sliced. Also, Camacho takes an Ellen Degeneres style selfie with the McDonald's staff. All of this and a bag of chips on this very latest episode of the Well Watchers. Thank you for listening, participating, and sharing. You can vote in the comments section below or via Twitter @wellwatchers #Obese16

April Snacks Bring May Larger Slacks

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April is officially "April Snacks Bring May Larger Slacks" month and we are kicking it off a month long food extravaganza. We start off the show with constructing the fast food chain bracket and then move into the "Geek Pyramid". Also join Big Scott Style and Well Watcher B at Washington D.C.'s Awesome Con on Saturday April 19th. Hope to see some of you there.

Cast your vote by leaving a comment here or on twitter @wellwatchers for the "Obese 16"

Comictary #16 - Starlight, Starbright

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Covering all of today's hot comic book titles

00:02:45 - Ghost Rider #1
00:11:18 - Iron Patriot #1
00:15:58 - Secret Avengers #1
00:22:19 - Superior Spider-Man #30
00:28:00 - Silver Sufer #1
00:33:02 - Magneto #1
00:37:45 - Starlight #1
00:46:27 - Black Science #4
00:49:13 - Deadly Class #3
00:51:37 - Revenge #2
00:55:31 - Svoereign #1
00:58:51 - Real Heroes #1
01:02:53 - My Little Phony: A Brony Adventure
01:07:18 - Tomb Raider #1 & #2
01:11:08 - Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0
01:16:00 - Animal Man #29

Why Do You Suck, Scott?

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This battle station is fully operational. Camacho rejoins the Well Watcher B and Big Scott Style to discuss the "World of Tanks" Well Watchers gaming night, Easter Eggs, The Botching Dead, and Descent Second Edition. Will there be an Easter Egg after this episode? Stick around to find out.

ol' Bushel Britches

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A tire gets rivered, Camacho in the hospital, The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14: The Grove, World of Tanks, and the Malaysian Airlines MH370 Boeing 777 airplane mystery is solved.

Michigan J. Frog

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The possible, maybe death of Nightwing. 300: Rise of a Waterworld, Camacho's health situation, Michael Keaton, The Lego Movie, and some old school WWE/WWF discussions. All of this and a Christian Bale of hay on the newest episode of the Well Watchers!!


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Lazaro Suarez stops by the studio to discuss all of his irons in the fire including "My Date with the Devil's Daughter" and the yet to be published series "Dark Dispatches". We also sneak in a discussion on the Guardians of the Galaxy and Godzilla movie trailers. Lions, rhinos, and gators, oh my!

Irish Car Bomb

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With the Robocop reboot just hitting theaters, we discuss are reboots a good or a bad thing? Other reboots touched on in this episode include Amzing Spider-Man, Batman Begins, Terminator, Godzilla, Star Trek, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Total Recall, and a whole lot more. 

Comictary #15 - Punisher is Back!!

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Covering all of today's HOT comic book titles!!

00:05:43 - Ms. Marvel #1
00:14:05 - She-Hulk #1
00:20:00 - Loki #1
00:22:29 - Punisher #1
00:28:56 - Batgirl #28
00:36:58 - Deadly Class #1
00:43:44 - The Fuse #1
00:48:40 - Saga #18
00:54:00 - Black Science #3
00:57:31 - Apocalypse Al #1
00:59:56 - The Mercenary Sea #1
01:06:00 - Turok the Dinosaur Hunter #1
01:09:54 - Unity #3
01:13:55 - Pretty Deadly #4