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A hot talk podcast that will open up a can of geek and spray it all over your face! One hour of pop-culture, current events, and comedy. A new episode posted every Saturday morning. @wellwatchers

January 29th, 2016    


Lemmy, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Making A Murderer, Oscar nominee snubs, Tom Clancy's 'The Division', Packers-Redskins Playoff Game Experience


January 29th, 2016    

Golden Uatus 2015

2015 Worst Movies, Best Movies, Best Video Game, Best Song, Best Kids Animated TV Series, Best TV Series, and Best Comic Book.


December 22nd, 2015    

Park Newport

Camacho's BIG Announcement, #PodernFamily Dude Bros, 3 New E's, Dicember, black people play D&D for the first time, hipsters play D&D, rednecks play D&D, Fireball Island, Toy Hunter, and an Uber ride goes horribly wrong.


December 16th, 2015    

Marriage Is For Suckers

Big Scott Style's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Rainbow Six: Siege, exploiting children on Facebook, San Bernadino, and gun control.


December 6th, 2015    

Dicember Begins

Thanksgiving wrap-up, Rainbow Six: Siege, misinterpreted song lyrics, surfing stories, stories of Dicembers past.


November 29th, 2015    


Hipster test, Jessica Jones Netflix Series, Sasquatch's Sack


November 24th, 2015    

Faceful of AIDS

Charlie Sheen HIV positive, Star Wards Battlefront, safe space, child discipline, fashion hour, X Box Live hackers, new X Box Dashboard, and food truck tamales


November 15th, 2015    

Leia Organic Listeners

Mourning the loss of Moonbat Podcast, Camacho's new job, Dave Chappelle, In Loving Color, Mad TV, terrible podcasts, DC Podfest, Call of Duty, Egg Nog Latte, and Cam Newton.


November 8th, 2015    


R.I.P. Brian Camacho, Pamida, Rachel Dolezal, toy shopping, handicapped shoppers, the new meaning of Midwest, the best X Box line up ever.


November 1st, 2015    

Halo 5

Mobile game refunders, birds, dogs, Halo 5, and and absent co-hosts.


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